Schaumbad Duo Exhibition / Hannah Schneider
to Aug 23

Schaumbad Duo Exhibition / Hannah Schneider

Sonntag 18.8. um 11:00 Uhr: 
Dan Robert Lahiani (FR/IL) im Gespräch mit Martin Grabner
Hannah Schneider (DE) im Gespräch mit Anne-Grit Becker
Moderation: Iris Kasper

Die in Graz entstandenen Arbeiten der beiden St.A.i.R. werden in einer Ausstellung präsentiert.

Dan Robert Lahiani und Hannah Schneider arbeiteten zwei (Lahiani) bzw. vier Monate (Schneider) in ihren Gastateliers im Schaumbad. Thematisch haben beide unabhängig voneinander verschiedene, im Grazer Stadtbild zu findende Aspekte in ihre Arbeit einfließen lassen. Gemeinsam ist den Arbeiten die Auseinandersetzung mit Bewegung - mit unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen, differenten Medien und aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln.

Die keramischen Faltenformationen von Hannah Schneider sind von den vielen, gewandreichen barocken Skulpturen, wie denen im Stadtpark, oder auf dem Dach des Mausoleums, sicher nicht unbeeinflusst geblieben. In einem Gespräch mit Anne-Grit Becker, Kunsthistorikerin und Assistentin für Moderne am Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Universität Graz, wird Hannah Schneider ihre Arbeit diskutieren.

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Exit  | Duet Exhibition  | Yoanna Blikman and Dan Robert Lahiani
to May 27

Exit | Duet Exhibition | Yoanna Blikman and Dan Robert Lahiani

  • Art Cube Artists' Studios (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Exit” is a series of photographs documenting moments before, during and after the releasing of people from a mean of transport. Blikman carries an analogue camera and document the disagreeable moment of exiting a confined space. Bodies are being contained, carried, retained, restrained, and soon to be released from inside a ferry-boat.Through the use of a camera, she protects her body and her perception from the intense brevity of the inevitable Exit she will need to endure. 

For this exhibition, artist Dan Robert Lahiani is hosting Yoanna Blikman and adds to her series, two video works which conduct a dialogue with the photographs. The two video works establish trajectories between a confined inside and an uncertain, turbulent outside.

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The Orphan's Gift | Dan Robert Lahiani  | Sophie Calle Tribute  "L'Erouv de Jerusalem"
8:30 PM20:30

The Orphan's Gift | Dan Robert Lahiani | Sophie Calle Tribute "L'Erouv de Jerusalem"

Experimental short films made by Jerusalem based independent filmmakers and film school students: 

A Dream in Tokyo | Omer Cohen, Amitai Cohen  

Parallels | Boris Haimov

Dreams of Elsewhere | Naama Shohet

The Orphan’s Gift | Dan Robert Lahiani

My Father's Son | Hillel Rate

Next Stop | Einat Gaulan

The Other Side | Meital Kovo

Sweeping the Stone | Yonatan Swed

(100 min.) 

Curation: Benjamin Freidenberg

Q&A with the filmmakers following the screening 

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Artist Appointment | Curator: Hadas Glazer
10:00 AM10:00

Artist Appointment | Curator: Hadas Glazer

Documentary Fiction
What distinguishes an artwork created for the public space from one created for a private space?
In the session, Dan Robert Lahiani will debut two personal and fascinating video works, based on his encounters with his father in Paris. The works focus on the symbolic encounter between father and son and incorporate documentary scenes with staged scenes, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. In the session, Lahiani will screen the videos that will spark a conversation about family relationships, autobiography, and the way art allows the imagination to infiltrate reality.

Dan Robert Lahiani (born in Paris, 1987) is a video artist who works in his studio at Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem. He graduated from Bezalel Academy Department of Screen Based Arts. His solo exhibition, Pre-Conditioned Tracks, was held earlier this year at the Jerusalem Artists' House.

Meeting Hours:

26 HaOman St., 4th floor,
Talpiot Industrial Zone

בדיון דוקומנטרי
מה מבדיל עבודה שנועדה לחלל ציבורי מעבודה שנועדה למקום פרטי?1
במפגש יחשוף דן לחיאני שתי עבודת וידאו אישיות ומרתקות, המבוססות על המפגשים שלו עם אביו בפריז. העבודות עוסקות במפגש הסימבולי בין האב לבן ומשלבות סצנות תיעודיות יחד עם סצנות מבוימות שדן רוקם, עד כדי טשטוש הגבולות בין המציאות לדמיון. במפגש יקרין לחיאני את העבודות, ובעקבותיהן תוכלו לשוחח על יחסי משפחה, אוטוביוגרפיה, והאופן שבו האמנות מאפשרת לדמיון לחדור לתוך מציאות.1

דן רוברט להיאני, יליד פריז 1987, הוא אמן וידיאו צרפתי היוצר בסטודיו בסדנאות האמנים, ירושלים. בוגר המחלקה לאמנויות המסך באקדמיה בצלאל. תערוכת היחיד שלו, "מסלולם מותנים" הוצגה השנה בבית האמנים בירושלים.1

שעות המפגשים:1

סדנאות האמנים, רח’ האומן 26, קומה 4,א
אזור התעשייה תלפיות

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Mon Algérie | Screening and artist talk
7:30 PM19:30

Mon Algérie | Screening and artist talk

Dan Robert Lahiani | Renana Aldor

Dan Robert Lahiani and Renana Aldor, two Jerusalem based artists are meeting to discuss their creative approach revolving around their family past in Algeria under French colonialism. 

La Femme qui Cherche (2015) by Renana Aldor
Duration: 07’30’’
An abstract journey in search of a hidden matriarchal figure, inspired by the artist's late grandmother Esther and her memories of Oran, her native city on the northwestern Mediterranean coast of Algeria. The viewer experiences the journey through passing along four miniature domestic spaces: The office, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.

The Orphan’s Gift (2017) by Dan R. Lahiani
Duration: 29’30’’
The video piece confronts the structure of French language with the discovery of the modern tower of Jerusalem: Migdal Ha-ïr. The traumatic journey of a child during the Algerian War will make both entities transcend to a sacred level, through body movements, words, and introspective testimonies.

Studio 3 is an art project initiated by Dan Robert Lahiani, which includes screening and lectures dealing the field of moving image.

Thursday, October 18 at 7:30pm | Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Studio 3, 26 HaOman St, Jerusalem 

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Solo Exhibition | Pre-Conditioned Tracks | Curator: Ohad Matalon
to Jun 2

Solo Exhibition | Pre-Conditioned Tracks | Curator: Ohad Matalon

  • Jerusalem Artists' House (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The City Tower (Migdal Ha’Ir), standing adjacent to both the Jerusalem Artists’ House and the artist’s current residence, is a recurring motif which functions as a case study in Dan Robert Lahiani’s first solo exhibition. In the show’s central piece, The Orphan’s Gifts, the tower’s space is deconstructed into axes of movement and gaze, activated by the caméra vivante (“The Living Camera,” as the artist calls it).

Other than reproducing and representing the world, Lahiani’s caméra vivante sets the world around it in motion, generating impossible, unstable vantage points and axes of motion, while the sounds synchronized into the camera movements validate them momentarily, meeting our need in signification and order and bring in a family story of intergenerational immigration and refugeeism, which is the narrative axis resonating in the work.

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Neu Now | Emerging talents
to Sep 18

Neu Now | Emerging talents


The 9th edition of NEU NOW will be held from 14-17 September 2017 at Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.

NEU NOW is Amsterdam’s transdisciplinary art festival devoted to presenting the work of exceptional emerging artists. Every year, our international jury selects the best of graduating artists across Europe. We nurture the fluid character of the artistic disciplines by showcasing a cross section of exciting developments on the contemporary art scene through a programme in which exhibitions, performances, workshops and artist talks converge to provide new perspectives. 

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Exhibition | Nikolaj Kunsthal and Thorvaldsens Museum
to Mar 9

Exhibition | Nikolaj Kunsthal and Thorvaldsens Museum

Exhibited work: Jeu Claque (2015)

Exhibition par of Fokus Festival by Nikolaj Kunsthal

Since 2011, FOKUS has established itself as Denmark’s largest festival of video art. FOKUS is arranged by Nikolaj Kunsthal out of a wish to make video art visible as one of the most significant and vibrant expressions of contemporary art.

The Jury of FOKUS 2017 was visual artist Ann Lislegaard, film director and producer Andreas Johnsen, project co-ordinator at The Animation Workshop Erik Barkman, exhibition co-ordinator at Nikolaj Kunsthal Helene Nyborg Bay and Head of Nikolaj Kunsthal Andreas Brøgger.

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Exhibition | From Generation to Generation | The Yud Video Project
to Jun 29

Exhibition | From Generation to Generation | The Yud Video Project

  • The Contemporary Jewish Museum (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Curators: Pierre-François Galpin and Sophie Schwabacher

Through the format of video and ever-accessible technology, moments are now recorded with the utmost ease and then translated into saved memories. However, edited video has tremendous power in recreating, rethinking, and reconstructing these very same moments. The Yud Video Project features twenty-five short videos that were selected among more than 700 submissions, and that altogether present a wide range of interpretation of what memory means today. For this exhibition, submissions were encouraged to explore the unique ways memory is portrayed through video as an art form. Artists of all backgrounds were welcomed and encouraged to apply.

Videos selected from the submissions by the curatorial staff are available for viewing during Museum hours in the Stephen and Maribelle Leavitt Yud Gallery, one of the most beautiful gallery spaces in The CJM’s Daniel Libeskind designed museum. 

  • Brett Amory

  • Marc Adelman

  • Anouk Chambaz and Julija Paškevičiūtė

  • Enar de Dios Rodríguez

  • Adrian Garcia Gomez

  • Jamil Hellu

  • horea

  • Hughen/Starkweather

  • Dan Robert Lahiani

  • Ellen Lake

  • Diana Li

  • Derek Larson

  • Guillaume Levy-Lambert

  • Roy Menachem Markovitch

  • Ben Marlowe

  • Erica Molesworth

  • Takeshi Moro

  • Brianna Nelson and Natalie Tsui

  • Leigh Orpaz

  • Severn Pemberton

  • Gabriel Sosa

  • Tina Takemoto

  • Cassio Tolpolar

  • Qihui Wu

  • Jin Zhu

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