Dan Robert Lahiani is a French Israeli artist, based in Jerusalem, who revolves his approach around architecture, body movement and the structure of oral language. His work covers different angles of the video and photography mediums and goes from video installations to single-channel cinematographic pieces. Dan holds a Master in Engineering since 2011, and freshly graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, with a B.F.A in 2017. He had solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums such as the Jerusalem Artists’ House (Jeusalem,Isr. 2018), The Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco, U.S, 2017), Mana Contemporary Chicago (Chicago,U.S, 2017), Nikolaj Kunsthal ( Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017), p8 Gallery (Tel Aviv, Isr, 2019), Art Cube Artists’ Studios (Jerusalem. Isr., 2019). His video works were also part of international film festivals, such as the Berlin Experimental Film Festival (2017), or Blow-Up film festival (Chicago,U.S, 2017).

Since 2018, Dan works in his studio at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios in Jerusalem, Israel.


Dan Robert Lahiani | Born in Paris | Lives and works in Israel   

Studio Address: Art Cube Artists’ Studios | 26 HaOman Street, Jerusalem, Israel

Phone: +972 54 981 2311

Mail :


2017  B.F.A        Bachelor in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Screen Based Art Department, Israel

2011  M.Eng       Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy, France

2008  B.S        Bachelor in Math, Physics, Louis Le Grand, Paris, France



2018-22   Art Cube Artists’ Studios (סדנאות האמנים), Jerusalem, Israel

2019           Styrian Government Grant, two months residency, Graz, Austria



2019 Exit | Art Cube Artist's’ Studios, Jerusalem | Two Persons exhibition | Artist: Yoanna Blikman

2018  Pre-Conditioned Tracks | The Artists' House, Jerusalem | Curator: Ohad Matalon



2019 Gallery p8, Tel Aviv | Interior | Curators: Lee Barbur and Sally Krysztal

2019 Cinematheque, Jerusalem | Sophie Calle Hommage : l’Erouv | Curator: Benjamin Freidenberg

2018 Agripas 28, Tel Aviv | Light Pollution | Curators: Noga Or-Yam, Shir Newman

2018 Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem | Artist's Appointment | Curator: Hadas Glazer

2016-2017  The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco | From Generation to Generation | Curators: Sophie Schwabacher and Pierre François Galpin

2017  Nikolaj Kunsthal Gallery, Copenhagen | Fokus | Curator: Andreas Brøgger

2017  Mana Contemporary, Chicago | Body and Camera

2017  Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam | Neu Now, Emerging Talents Group Exhibition | Curator: Susanne Hoffman

2017  Beita Gallery, Jerusalem | Inside,Outside,City | Curator: Sharon Balaban

2017  Dock 11, Berlin | Jerusalem Meets Berlin | Dock 11, Berlin | Curator: Ruby Edelman

2017  Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem | Nylon | Curator: Shira Vitaly

2017  Santa Fe Museum of Art, U.S | Electric Videos

2017  Museum de Agua Coimbra, Portugal | Fonlad Group Exhibition | Curator: Jose Veira

2017  Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem | Bezalel Graduate Show | Curator: Dudu Mezach  

2016  Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport | Fragments | Curator: Crystal Heiden

2016  Beit Hansen Gallery, Jerusalem | Vagabondage | Curators: Maya Yavin, Adi Ornai


2018  Bezalel Academy Lecture, Cinema and New Narrative, with Sharon Balaban and Julian Rosefeldt

2017  Columbus Film & Video Festival,  Finalist, Ohio, U.S

2017  San Diego Underground Film Festival, U.S, 2017

2017  Blow Up Film Festival, Chicago U.S

2016  L.A Underground Film Forum, Los Angeles, U.S

2016  Berlin Experimental film Festival, Berlin, Germany

2016  Art Video International Festival, Official Selection, Jerusalem, Israel

2016  Canada Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

2016  NYLA Film Festival, Official Selection New York

2016  Castellaneta Film Festival, Winner, Italy

2016  Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Official Selection, York, UK

2015  Jerusalem International Dance week | Machol Shalem Dance House, Jerusalem

2014  Arte Channel, France, Germany | 24 hours in Jerusalem



2016  Price of Excellence of the Screen Based Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2011  Winner of the Entrepreneurship Innovation and Conception Competition of East of France, Nancy, France



2017  Body Montage by Yoanna Blikman, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2013  Wonderland by Dina Goldstein, Herzliya Museum of Art, Herzliya, Israel

2016  Untitled by Tal Harring, Short Film Corner Cannes Festival, Cannes, France



2011-2013  Engineer | BrightSource Energy | Project: development of a system capable to convert grayscale images into temperature maps, thanks to visual range video cameras, Jerusalem, Israel

2010-2018  French Teacher| Cinema-Art Projects | Selected Collaborations: Sivan Levy, Maayan Turgerman, Inbal Yomtovian, Sivan Handelsman, Alma Dishy, Gila Dror Pekelman, La Baignoire Tel Aviv


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