Audition for a Joke | Video 1'40'' | 2016

Audition for a Joke is a short experimental video, which portrays Yoanna, a young French Jewish woman reacting to the question, “Tell me a joke you know.” In this attempt, Yoanna does not manage to tell a joke. She talks about one that her father used to tell her when she was six years old, and believes that jokes do not really exist in Hebrew. This awkward moment shows her challenges in adapting to her new country.  From Yiddish to French and now to Hebrew, her multiple linguistic heritages render her in a state of oral paralysis.


2016-2017  The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, Group Exhibition: From Generation to Generation,  Curators: Sophie Schwabacher and Pierre-François Galpin

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Audition for a Joke