Kung Fu | Performance | 29'30'' | 2015 | Creators: Dan Robert Lahiani, Yoanna Blikman

“Kung Fu is a project initiated by Dan Robert Lahiani, who chose to bring back amateur video footage of Kung fu competitions from Yoanna Blikman’s childhood in Paris. Those footages show the inside of a Parisian gymnasium in which occurs competitions in the presence of prestigious Chinese and French Kung Fu masters. The footage were shot by Yoanna’s father and show her at the age of 11.

Yoanna tries to communicate with these videos. In this attempt to interact with the footage from the past, she both recollects memories in her body and find new connections through her dance faculties. The fact that her body has changed from the one of a child to the one of a woman creates this impossibility of a copy, of a perfect “unison”. This impossibility marks the beginning of the research in a different period and a different country.”

Guidance: Sharon Balaban, Ruby Edelman | Concept: Dan Robert Lahiani | Choreography: Yoanna Blikman | Video: Dan Robert Lahiani | Found Footage: Gérard Blikman


2018 Jerusalem International Dance week | Machol Shalem Dance House

2017 Emerging Talents | NEU-NOW | Selected by Susanne Hoffman & Neu-Now 2017 Jury, Amsterdam, Holland

2017 The Secret Language | Chapter | Curated by Catherine Angle, Cardiff, Wales

2017 Jerusalem Meets Berlin | Kung Fu, Dock 11 | Curated by Ruby Edelman, Berlin, Germany

2015 Jerusalem International Dance week | Machol Shalem Dance House