Maison Musée | Video 25' | 2016

A young man experiences childhood memories through his body. The performance, filmed in a familiar but cold space, brings into play the ambiguity between a home and a museum.As he reenacts the body language of him as child, the use of physical movements of blinds eventually transforms the home into an apparatus and brings forth a reflection about the relation between “subject” and “object”.


2017  BLOWUP ArtHouse Film Festival, Chicago, U.S, 2017

2017  Mana Contemporary Chicago, Chicago, U.S, 2017

2017  Bideoromo International Film and Video Festival, Bilbao, Spain, 2017

2017  Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, 2017

2017  Short Stop International Film Festival, Lasi, Roumania, 2017

2017  L.A Underground Film Forum, Los Angeles, U.S, 2016