Printed Circuit | Video 11'30'' | 2018

“The living camera, which is not always fully controlled by the artist, is a late, conscious echo of Michael Snow is landmark experimental film from 1971, La Région Centrale, where he attempted, for the first time, to transform the camera into a random, independent object that guides observation both visually and thematically. Other than reproducing and representing the world, Lahiani’s living camera sets the world around it in motion, generating impossible, unstable vantage points and axes of motion, while the sounds synchronized into the camera movements validate them momentarily, meeting our need in signification and order. The father — the law, logos, order, language, phallus—is undermined by every camera movement, shattering into a torn, fragmented, disassembled space.”  Ohad Matalon


2018 Jerusalem Artists' House, Solo Exhibition Pre-Conditioned Tracks. Curator: Ohad Matalon